Sharing Shadows

Today I am Bronte’s shadow.  All day, I go where she goes. I do what she does. I don’t want to be out of her sight. She seems to feel my need to stay close, so she helps me out. When I go to the bathroom, she comes and stands by the door and waits for me. Instead of sleeping so much in her kennel, she stays on the couch or the dog bed on the living room floor.

When I was forty-two years old, Bronte was forty-two.  I liked that we were the same age for that year. It felt like we had an extra physical bond. You know how it’s said about dogs and owners looking or being the same? I think that’s true. Granted sometimes it harder to figure the similarities because they may not be physical, but instead be behavioral. Sometimes I do think that’s Bronte and me.

On the surface, Bronte seems intimidating and stoic. The phrase, her “bark is worse than her bite” comes to mind. I mean she’s a pit right, who’s going to mess with her. Bronte walks down the street and grown men cross the street and go the other way. Though really we know she’s just a big sappy marshmallow who will lick you to death if you let her. Though I’m not intimidating like Bronte is, my height and quietness would sometimes be seen as arrogance or aloofness.  Like Bronte, we do so much better in small groups, and best one on one. But I will add what we both share is a great need to be stubborn and “bull-headed,” so to speak.

When she had her knee surgery I knew she was my canine twin. In fact, she had the surgery, I probly should have. Then the arthritis and back issues came. Yes, we were growing into one personality. Together we have come to share six legs with arthritic knees, a couple stiff backs, short blondish white hair, and one big heart.

Today was raining and rainy. During just a rainy time, Bronte and I took a walk around the yard. There were no shadows. It was too cloudy.  I liked the sun this past week with breezy skies. I’m glad that Bronte had so much time outside in the bright warmth. Depending the time of day we walked, the two of us would look so tall and thin in our shadows. You could barely notice either of  our “crickitiness.” I’m glad for rain today, and even more tomorrow.

Shadows let you know where the light is. Shadows mark time. After this weekend, Bronte and I will not have a shadow.


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